Monday, 28 January 2008

Photoshop Unit

I hope you managed to get some good speed images. We had a good session today, make sure you pick up a handout from me if you missed the lesson. Our next assignment is going to be a photoshop one. Remember your exam is five hours long so a certain amount of manipulation is required. We have started taking images of our heads, on Wednesday or Thursdays lesson you need to bring a prop in or an image that you can blow up and place with the composite of your head.

Mrs Clewlow has agreed to 2 extra lessons so we can step up the pace a bit, hurrah!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

View from a window

Here a a couple of images, I took this through a window on a late, winter afternoon, see the difference it makes just boosting the colour in iphoto and cropping it slightly. Always keep a copy of your original and try editing your photos.

Back on track this week girls, we will have a lesson this Monday. Can you please bring your timetables with you as I would like to see if there are any frees when you and I are available as we need to step the pace up a bit. You have produced some fantastic images so far and we need to get them stuck in a book. You also need to start thinking about your personal investigation where you focus on a particular photographer or genre of photography that you find inspiring.

Can you bring everything you have got tomorrow and we will start sorting it all out. I look forward to seeing the images you produced over Christmas.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Photography Masterclass

Don't forget you are off timetable on Thursday to attend an all day masterclass by printer and photographer, Monica Curtin. You will learn such a lot in one day, bring a packed lunch and be prepared to stay a bit later if you can. Please make sure you have had your planners signed and asked for the work from the teachers whose lessons you will be missing. I have your negatives processed so you should get the opportunity to enlarge some prints. Could the person that noted down the numbers of the negs please bring them in, (Louise?). This is one of Monica's portraits.

Monday, 19 November 2007


Looking at photographs

When you are looking for photos to compare with your own or for the personal investigation, follow this structure to write about them:

Photographers intentions
1. what are the photographers aims?
2. Who is the image for? More than one audience?
3. Does the image successfully communicate the photographers aims and intentions?

Analysing the image.
1. What type of photography is this? documentary, reportage, portrait, fine art, advertising, editorial?
2. What is included in the photograph?
3. What message does it convey?
4. What techniques do you think have been used to make the image?
5. Has the image been staged?
6. Has the image been manipulated in any way?

Personal Response.
1. How does the image make you feel?
2. Does it remind you of anything? personal experiences, other photographers work.

Time for an overview.

Now is the time to start putting things together. We are coming to the end of a focus on texture and will be starting to think about portraitue. Over Christmas is a really good time to take pictures of relatives and get a wide spectrum of sitters.

You need to print off your texture pictures and write about them. Use the structure of:
1. Tech spec
2. Visual techniques
3. Narrative
4. Influences- try and find pics from other photographers that you can stick in next to yours.

You also need to start thinking about your personal investigation where you explore an area of photography that interest you.

Make sure you get the handouts to help you with this.

Well done for your photograms, these look great.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Photograms Next Week

We shall meet as usual next Monday in the darkroom, next to the upstairs Art room.

We will be making 'Photograms'. This is where you lay objects on light sensitive paper. Bring some objects that you would like to place next week, things like perspex jewelry, dried flowers work well.

Have a read of these articles to get you in the mood and be on time please as everything takes ages in the darkroom.

Man Ray is an artist famous for creating Photograms, have a look at his work for some inspiration!